ADPlus Configuration File to the rescue

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ADPlus Configuration file to the rescue

Someone asked me about getting a memory dump on breakpoints in production environment.

Usually, you won’t have the luxury of attaching a debugger and inserting a breakpoint in production environment. However, you can still get a memory dump under different conditions or execute a command line option using ADPlus configuration file. AdPlus does support -hang switch to take a memory dump of a process anytime but that’s not good enough if you need to take a memory dump on a particular first chance exception or even when a breakpoint is hit.

ADPlus script supports configuration file with -c switch to create a memory dump of a user mode win32 process. You should read more on ADPlus configuration file on WinDbg help.

Below is the example of a ADPlus configuration file, which will create a memory dump under the following conditions

  1. When the application throws an unhandled exception with the exception code 0×80000001, a guard page exception which occurs when you access for example a stack’s guard page.
  2. Creates a full dump, when breakpoint hits the function kernel32.dll!UnhandledExceptionFilter
  3. Creates a mini dump. When breakpoint hits the function kernel32.dll!SetUnhandledExceptionFilter


<!– RunMode could be crash or hang, Quiet suppresses the warning message box–>


<RunMode> CRASH </RunMode>

<Option> Quiet </Option>

<ProcessName> <process name><!–e.g. cmd.exe–> </ProcessName>



PreCommands is included to change the symbol path for kernel32.dll, the first command .sympath sets the symbol path to c:\windows\system32(kernel32.dll location and the 2nd command reload the kernel32.dll defaulting to export symbols.

The reason for loading the export symbols has to do with setting a breakpoint in kernel32.dll functions as described in my last blog entry



<Cmd> .sympath c:\windows\system32 </Cmd>

<Cmd> .reload /f kernel32.dll </Cmd>





<Actions1> MiniDump </Actions1>

<Actions2> FullDump </Actions2>





<Type> BM </Type>

<Address> kernel32.dll!UnhandledExceptionFilter </Address>

<Actions> FullDump</Actions>

<CustomActions> r </CustomActions>



<Type> BM </Type>

<Address> kernel32.dll!SetUnhandledExceptionFilter </Address>

<Actions> MiniDump </Actions>

<CustomActions> r </CustomActions>




adplus command to execute configuration file(exception.cfg)

cscript.exe adplus.vbs -c exception.cfg

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